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Submission: The Crystal Clear

"The Crystal Clear is a solo project that I started in Edmond, Oklahoma in 2017. All of my music is instrumental so everyone can see the song in their own way and not be limited to the story in the lyrics. The music is like my diary, Each song title is a story from my life. Ive released 2 albums (Dreams of Dying, 26th Street). A new EP is in the works right now aiming for a late summer release, a single from that EP is out now titled “Making the Stars Chant Dallas”. All of my releases were self recorded/produced and are available online on SoundCloud (Spotify very soon) and physical copies are available at Guestroom (OKC location) and 3 Dachshunds (Edmond). "

-The Crystal Clear

You can keep up the with The Crystal Clear on Instagram @officialcrystalclearband or on SoundCloud

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