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Lovers Spit Magazine

Lovers Spit is an independent magazine dedicated to showcasing the influence that music and media have on both an individual and global scale. This is a mag about being alive.

      Jacy (JC) is a 23 year old creative currently located in Dallas, TX. They bounce between digital media and textile work enjoying both digital and more traditional art. Some notable artists they have shot are Homeshake, Pinegrove, EPROM, and more. They are currently studying at the University of Texas at Arlington and are majoring in graphic design. Some of their favorite artists include Mitski, Mac Miller (RIP), and TV Girl.


      Averi is a 24 year old artist/photographer from Norman, Oklahoma. You can find her mediocrely playing the guitar, painting, or taking a nap with her three-legged cat Bowie. Averi has been doing concert photography since 2017 and has photographed artists such as Hinds, Sunflower Bean, and Joe Jonas, yeehaw! Some of her favorite artists include Phoebe Bridgers and Margot and the Nuclear So & So’s.


      You can keep up with Averi on instagram @avepcam and follow her floral page @herghostfloral.


For inquiries/submission email us at

Jaclyn Buys, Cofounder.
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Averi Campbell, Cofounder.
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