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"Cherry Bomb" A Short By Caro Knapp

Caro Knapp is a 20 year old director and writer based in Los Angeles. Along with short films and music videos, she is a freelance creative director and animator and is currently employed by Universal Music Group's in house content team, °1824. She previously interned at Marvel TV and is a student at USC's School of Cinematic Arts. As a young queer filmmaker, she strives to bring a just and open-minded perspective to the industry.

"This queer coming of age short depicts the feling of having to prove your own secuality after coming out in high school. When 17-year-old Georgie ditches her younger sister Violet for a part in an attempt to save her relationship, we find that Violet won't give up on fun night with Georgie that easily."

-Caro Knapp

You can watch the short here:

and keep with caro on instagram @madebycarolyn



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