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"Haunted House" by Charlotte Bumgarner

"Charlotte is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has been playing the local Tulsa scene for about 2-3 years as a solo artist and for about a year with her band Graveyard Party. Specializing in quiet music, she’s found people want to lean in and listen close - even in the noisiest of venues. Charlotte’s sound can be described as a mix of many influences but is mostly an emo singer/songwriter & folky fusion. Advocating for female voices in the scene, Charlotte’s an activist in Tulsa’s DIY scene for female equality & rights and tries to integrate that into her songwriting and footprint in the scene in general.

In 2018 Charlotte began self-recording and releasing her own music with the single where are you” and night blooming flowers EP. From then on, Charlotte continued playing throughout the local Tulsa scene as well as branching out and touring regionally as much as possible. In the spring of 2020 prior to signing with Manor Records, Charlotte self-released an acoustic set for RSU radio EP that first introduced her new single “Honey Touch”. After signing to the label, Charlotte’s plan is to release a three-track single series beginning with this single, followed up by her debut album later this year. KOSU Radio called Charlotte a “passionate about young women being taken seriously and making the music scene a safer place for everyone.”

The second single in the series, “Haunted House” combines Charlotte's propensity for creating a layered quietness that calls for listening close. With influences including Soccer Mommy, Emily Yacina, and Tomberlin, “Haunted House” exemplifies a new-found mature sound while still maintaining her genuine signature soft nature."

-manor records

Check out "Haunted House" here: spotify:album:7FerMG9IrADrlyFq9b6MWt and look forward to the next release by Charlotte!

photos by larson rogers // @larsonerogers on instagram



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