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RVRCT is a psychedelic shoegaze rock band from Boston, MA. Led by Blaise Eldred (21), the band is composed of Spencer Carlson (21), Sophie Shely (21), Natalie Van Slyke (23), Alec Rosenberg (21), and Bryce Perry (21).

How did you come up with the name RVRCT?

B: So my dad coached a baseball team that was originally based out of Sacramento and the team name was ‘The Sacramento River Cats’ and the team was actually a minor league team to the SF Giants. I liked the words river and cat next to each other but I wanted to switch it up and make it feel more hidden, so I took out the vowels and you get RVRCT.

What are some of your musical influences? (Personal and those that influenced the band) / What music do you enjoy listening to?

B: A lot of eastern hemisphere music. a lot of psych music....Ravi Shankar, My Bloody Valentine, The Kinks, Cleaners from Venus, Slowdive etc. also Snake charmers. I just like a lot of drone music and melodies that stand out. Anything that is constantly surprising me is what I look for in music.

How would you describe the way your music sounds to someone that's deaf?

B: I don’t know sign language, but I would try relating it to colors, or a painting even. In that case, this next record is a lot of orangish-red and blue and green, over a foundation of gold and copper.

How does the musical process change when you go from making music alone vs with a band?

B: The writing process and recording process has always just been me in my room with my guitar, and when it come to playing the songs I work individually with each member to recreate what i recorded, then we would all rehearse together and make tweaks to the sounds. We do write jams for live performances and what not that aren’t on the record so that makes it special if you listen to the record and come see us play you get a little extra than what you expected which is cool I guess.


If you could collab with any musician, alive or dead, who would you want to make music with and why?

B: I’d probably make a samba album with Walter Wanderley and Astrud Gilberto and it would have me soloing on recorder on every song;)

What projects are you currently working on releasing and what can we expect in the future?

So i’m working on a couple projects, RVRCT has a new record coming called ‘Agave’ and a tour to follow it up.

Me and my friend Ian Costello are working on an Ep under the name ‘Beacon’ which is still in the works.

Also i’m working on another volume to Sexpop which is really early in the works but i’m very excited about it.

you can keep up with RVRCT on twitter @eldredbliase, on instagram @rvrct_official, and on facebook and stream their music on spotify

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