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Q&A With Burl

Burl is a band based out of Oklahoma City/Norman that is composed of Kendall, Devin, Kameron, and Jordan. They just released two new singles on Halloween. I (Jacky) had the opportunity to meet with them and talk over a round of bowling.

How was Burl born?

Devin: Jordan and I have known each other for a long time, we both lived in Noble, Oklahoma and we worked as basically a two man electronic music band, and then branched out into a psychedelic band.

Jordan: Yeah, then we started adding different members as we began branching even more out into different genres.

Devin: Burl itself has been a thing for about a full year now with us really working hard at it.

How would you describe the sound that Burl has?

Devin: Every song is really different.

Kameron: We really don't stick into one genre.

Jordan: We'd like to put out a full album maybe sometime next year if we can find the time and resources.

Devin: We've also talked a lot about doing little concept EP's.

So if you had to define the band into three genres what would you describe it as?

Devin: Well "Indie" is one that really easy to use as a blanket term

Jordan: Yeah, we also do have more of jazzier music I would say and maybe like psychedelic

Kendall: Yeah I agree with that.

Kameron: Yeah I would say psychedelic soft rock maybe.

Devin: Maybe even like art rock.

So individually do you all tend to listen to the same music, or what kind of music do you all individually like to listen to?

Kameron: I would say that we all listen to different music but that there is a lot of overlap. Everyone bring something different to the table.

Kendall: I really like to listen to everything. I like The Smiths, and Mike Jones

Devin: :Lately I've been listening to a lot of Ariel Pink and Steve Lacey.

Jordan: Todd Rundgren, Alex Cameron, Jay Som. Todd is definitely a really big inspiration on our music.

Devin: Alex Cameron is a really big inspiration to our music to because a lot of his songs sound different from one another and they kind of tell a story.

Kameron: I like to listen to a lot of punk and new wave, but also going back to a lot of soft rock like I think I've listened to Al Stewarts Year of the Cat like a thousand times this past week.

So what do you ALL like to listen to?

Kameron: Probably like Mild High Club

Kendall: King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard, they turned me on to that and I just can't get enough

Who do you guys listen to that are local to the Oklahoma City scene?

Devin: Broncho for sure for me

Kameron: I really like Mad Honey, and I really like Swim Fan, we played a show with them and they were really great.

How do you guys feel about the local music scene and being tethered with the label of being a local band?

Jordan: I think the scene growing is really good and it's good that people are feeling more open to being "artsy"

Devin: I think it's really good, sometimes it does feel a little bit cheesy

Kameron: Yeah it can be kind of wack

Jordan: But there are sections of it that are really cringy and there are sections of it that are really fantastic.

Devin: It's definitely changed a lot from what it was just a few years ago.

Why do you have such a small amount of music released?

Jordan: I'm a really big perfectionist I like to work on things for a really long time until I know for a fact that I'm satisfied with it.

Burl is the best band I've interviewed to date!*

(*I did lose bowling and have to put this at the footnotes)

You can find Burl on instagram @buurrl and stream their new singles at



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