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Notebook Tour Pt 2

Hi, Averi here!! I decided to do a part 2 to Jacky‘s notebook tour as an opportunity to give you a look into my journal and doodles !!

You can find Jacky’s post here:

I would describe my personal journaling style as organized chaos. None of my doodles seem to fit together but i position them in a precise way. I also often choose a theme and let that guide my sketches.

When doing an actual drawing i almost always use a reference photo, so when sketching i like to challenge myself and draw from memory. (Here I have a doodle of my childhood home.)

One of my favorite things to put into my sketches are words. I love playing with different fonts and seeing how they compliment the images. I often write lyrics that i’m listening to, band names, something written on something within eyeshot, or just whatever pops into my head.

When i’m stressed i love drawing numbers and repetition. Any variations of 5, 13, or 18 really gets me going. These numbers have almost become a signature for me, and something i incorporate into most things i do. I also love repetition because it allows me to relax and slow down. Some of my favorite repetition doodles are dots, lines, or swirls.

I think for any creative, journaling is important - and it’s something i fought with for a long time. But being able to write down your thoughts and ideas is something that can really inspire you, and can help you create wherever you are.



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