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Lyrics That Stick

For all of us, there’s something about music that causes it to stick with us. It’s the instrumentals for some, the overall mood for others, for me it’s the lyrics. One good line in a song is enough to make me play it over and over again.

Some if my favorite lyricists are Phoebe Bridgers, Richard Edwards, Mark Kozelek, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell.... I could go on and on!

I love when you can hear the personal stories in an artists songs, especially when it’s one you admire so dearly. It’s almost as if you’re getting a snapshot into their life, living it with them.

I‘m particularly drawn to lyrics of love and loss, death, and coming of age. Some of those universal truths that seems so personal to me. Something we all go through, a common thread. It makes me feel less alone.

Here are some of the lyrics that stick with me.



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