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Artist Funk

May is mental health awareness month. Whether it be for a season or lifelong almost everyone will encounter some form of mental illness in their life. Here are some of the ways I try to bounce back.


this probably goes without saying but i always know that things are going from bad to worse when i'm moving throughout my day in silence. some of my go to's are mac millers faces mixtape (or his cover of lua when i want to cry), beach house's bloom, or anything by triathalon. sometimes you need to have music to match your intensity and sometimes you just need it to be a nice tune, find your balance


when i'm having hard time media tends to steamroll into self depreciation pretty quickly, especially when instagram is involved. when i'm trying to climb back out of the hole i try to gravitate more towards youtube, and i keep the subject matter mostly light. i'm a faithful subscriber of jenna marbles who always lifts my moods, and when i crave to be inspired i rewatch sosonia and miles carter's videos over and over... and over.


when i realize that i'm not doing well i start to make a conscious effort to leave my house at least one time a day, bonus points if it's for a walk. minutes turn to hours when you're laying in bed and putting in all the effort to get up, pick out an outfit, brush your teeth and hair. no one at the gas station or the coffee shop will know that you haven't left the house in days.


sometimes what you really need is just a reset. sometimes you need to spend the day in bed. buy a new pair of socks. a $10 coffee. whatever helps you feel more like you again.

share what helps you stay you below xx



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