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An Interview with cursetheknife

cursetheknife (@cursetheknife) is a three piece emo shoe-gaze band from Oklahoma City, with Branden Palesano on bass and vocals, Severin Olsen on guitar and vocals and Connor Richards on drums.

How did you meet? When and how did you come together to form cursetheknife?

Sev: Connor and I have known each other since we were 15. We met Branden through Mad Honey and Brooding playing shows and all three of us clicked. Branden and I also worked together for some time. The band started in August of last year, I think we were just ready to make louder music and eventually it all came together.

Tell us a little about your sound. What or who was the inspiration?

Branden: I’d say we all agree that: Narrow Head, My Bloody Valentine, Nothing and Weed are influences.

What has been the most interesting or noteworthy thing to happen since forming cursetheknife?

Connor: It was really cool playing our first show with I’m Glad It’s You and Macseal, we love those bands. Ben Quad and Cliffdiver really hooked us up with that one.

How does cursetheknife differ from other projects you have, or have had in the past?

Branden: I’d say the way we approach writing is different from other projects, usually sev or I have a song and then Connor makes it sound good with his playing/ideas. Then we make it loud. Also our dynamic with each other is different, we’re all laid back and are just having fun playing songs.

Tell us a little about your new demo. What was the creative process like?

Sev: So we recorded the new demo at mine and Connors place almost two weeks ago. The recording process was a little different since we did everything live and everyone was in the same room. It was a little difficult at first, since we’ve never recorded that way before, but we got it done and are really excited about the energy and sound we captured.

What can we expect for the future from cursetheknife?

Sev: this is going to be a busy year for us. We’re working on a single right now which is almost done and hopefully we’ll get started on an ep very soon. We’re also talking about doing some merch and a couple mini tours in surrounding states.

you can listen to cursetheknife here:



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