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Notebook Tour + Ideas

if you consider yourself a creative and don't keep a notebook i highly encourage you to. I use a moleskine blank paged notebook to hold my ideas, doodle, and deepest secrets. here's a peak inside my brain.

got a journal you don't know what to fill with? here's some of my favorite ideas:

-carry one color of pen with you the entire day (not blue or black), see how the change influences your creativity

-write about yourself in a parallel universe existing in the same timeline as now, what are you doing?

-think about the times in your life that you felt the most intense emotion, manifest those feelings as drawing (scribbles count)

-write the same word over and over again until it loses meaning

-draw household objects as other objects (a door in the shape of a toaster, etc)

just write or draw anything that makes you feel, it doesn't have to pretty, just get it out of your system

drop your favorite notebook ideas below xx


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