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An Interview with The Daddyo's

The Daddyo's are a pop-grunge band based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Band members Kylie Slabby and Kylie Hastings have been writing songs together from the age of 13, and began writing and recording under The Daddyo's in 2014. In the past five years The Daddyo's have toured locally and throughout the midwest and east coast. You can find The Daddyo's on Instagram @thedaddyos.

We recently caught up with the Daddyo's for an interview and talked about their evolution as artists, reminisced on old times, and talked what's to come for the band.

1. So I know you guys took a year off, what was that time off like, and how is it being back?

SLABBY- It was bittersweet. We needed it to focus on ourselves, personally, and we had other things going on at the time. But I definitely felt like a piece of my soul was missing. Getting back together and having upcoming shows brings me LIFE. Daddyo's is everything to me.

HASTINGS - I agree that it was bittersweet, though needed at the time. It’s always been second nature to play together so it really just feels comfortable and right to all play together again. It’s kind of like we picked up right where we left off. And we’re even working on new songs. So it’s definitely nice. 

2. What is your favorite lyric or song you’ve ever written?

SLABBY- Anything good lyrically is usually written by Hastings. she's a lyrical genius. But I think my favorite song would have to be a combination of Boring, Leekin Park, Asia's Major, and our newest song that isn't even recorded yet. :P

HASTINGS - That’s a hard decision! I guess I like the lyrics in Boring and Penclawdd Belles. They are both personal for me. I also love the lyrics in Choke which were actually from two different unfinished songs from way back in the day before we formed Daddyo’s. And Cole Slaw is just a banger lol

3. You mentioned that you’ve been writing music since you were 13 and released your first album in 2014. How has your music changed over time?

SLABBY- It's changed so much and so little. We're still us but we have matured (somewhat) and also gained new skills. We used to just play together without a band. We started off a sounding a little "indie/folk-ish" but then we got more poppy and grungy. 

HASTINGS - I feel like we never really fit a certain mold or anything so it doesn’t feel like we’ve changed a bunch. We just write and whatever comes out is cool. But I think as our music interests have changed or broadened over the years we’ve taken in a lot of new or different influences. And lyrically we’ve become somewhat more serious. 

4. What have been some of your most noteworthy experiences on tour?

SLABBY- Daddyo's haven't toured as much as I have with my other bands unfortunately. But a while back we did a East Coast tour that lasted almost a month and it was pretty fun. The East Coast loved us and it was nice gaining fans that we still have today, from a different part of the country we have only been to once. I think it really helped putting our name out there. It was cool being on tour with my best friend also.

HASTINGS - That tour was very fun and also intense. A month in a van with a bunch of people can take its toll. But overall we just had a lot of fun playing and meeting new people. The most noteworthy Playing for like 3 sleeping homeless people at this horrifying warehouse venue called Super Happy Fun Land. There was a mountain of raggedy Ann dolls there lol.

5. What inspired the name Daddyo’s?

SLABBY- haha we never can really fully remember. I guess Mary-Kate & Ashley. We both grew up watching their movies and shows and were in the fan clubs and stuff. They rule basically. They have a song about pizza and I think I mixed it up with another song and thought it was  "pizza daddyo" but that isnt even mentioned in their song lol so at first, we were called "The Pizza Daddyo's" and then we were like ok no that is stupid as hell and just went with The Daddyo's. These days we're just lazy and call ourselves "Daddyo's". Maybe sometime we will just call our band Dad. or O's. And on another note, Daddyo is a 50s term for a "cool guy", which I think is fitting also ;)

HASTINGS - And we even have a song called Mr. Cool Guy, so it works lol. 

I don’t remember why we decided on that name (of all the names in the world) but it worked. It’s hard to imagine us going by anything else now. People refer to us as that most of the time. If not “the Kylies” 

6. What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve overcome as musicians? both individually and as a group.

SLABBY- well, as we ALL know, being a woman in the music scene is never easy. That itself brings several challenges that we still deal with and who knows if it will ever change. But besides that, we've had to learn to take criticism. I'll never forget this dumb boy who told us to our faces after a show that "we sounded like cats." It kinda pissed us off for like .000000001 milliseconds, and then we just laughed about it. I can't really think of any other challenges honestly. We don't take things 100% seriously. We make sure to have fun first, and I think that helps and why we make it work.

HASTINGS - the only thing I can think of is maybe overcoming differences in opinion or feelings or whatever between members (mostly me and Kylie lol because Chris and John are always chill as cucumbers). But even that’s not that challenging because Kylie and I have known each other for 15 years. So we just tell it how it is and don’t care about hurting each other’s feelings lol. We have a lot of fun and generally don’t have many issues. Maybe a crappy sound guy here and there? Or not getting paid well? Other than that, it’s all fun times and no problems. 

7. How have the Daddyo’s evolved over time?

SLABBY- our music style has somewhat changed. we used to be more "bubble-gum" / happier sounding. Our lyrics also used to be 100% NOT serious what so ever. Songs about pizza and crop tops, you know? We don't really write like that now. Maybe because we're older and have actual real life problems we have to deal with, like depression, anxiety, the pain of growing up, always being broke, never having enough know....those types of things.

HASTINGS - And boys. Boys are always a problem lol. We’ve definitely matured lyrically for the most part. 

8. Finally, what can we expect for the future from the Daddyo’s?

SLABBY- we're hoping to start recording another full length album since the past few releases have been EP's. I'd like to maybe get signed to a label, or at least get some vinyl pressed. Also, playing out of town more! 

HASTINGS - and probably new merch and videos and shows and fun. 

You can check out The Daddyo's here:

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